Human insights are the starting point in all our strategic and creative work. To us, this notion is the very essence of design — a way of thinking and working, not only an aesthetic outcome. That’s also why we see technology as a way of serving people, not the other way around. In-depth understanding of your business, organization and market landscape is the foundation for designing experiences that meet your brand and business objectives. This understanding is achieved through focused research, structured interviews and conversations.


St. Petersburg

HQ at Bolshaya Konushennaya st. 19/8
191186 Saint Petersburg, Russia
tel. +79 633 271 988


Representative at Kronprinsensgade 9A, 2 
DK-1114 Copenhagen K, Denmark
tel. +45 609 503 79

Jobs & Internships
Junior Architect

We are looking for a young blood & keen eyes to be an integral part of our design team. You will help us assist with the production of highly detailed construction documents, research on high-end systems and components, generate detailed presentation drawings and renderings. To apply, please send your cover letter, resume and portfolio to you@adept.works

Design Producer

We are looking for experienced Design Producer with a high level of communication skills, focused on identity and brand strategy at the local level and on a global scale. You must be motivated, self-organized and brave enough to change the game. To apply, please send your cover letter, resume and portfolio to you@adept.works